Tech-lover and self-proclaimed gamer, I’m married to an amazing Graphic Designer and Calligrapher who shares my passion for all things awesome. I drink a lot of coffee and post about anything that captures my interest, which is mostly about gaming, gadgets, and technology.

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Build a PC with Datablitz

For as long as I can remember, Datablitz has been the go-to brick-and-mortar shop for your console gaming needs. It did sell game PC game boxes – do you still remember those? But unless you were long for the big-name brands you wouldn’t rely on Datablitz for PC accessories. No, you would go to PC Express, Villman, or if you were lucky enough to live close by – Gilmore mall. But times have changed and it’s great to see that Datablitz has been changing with the times. A few years back it had become a source for a wider selection…

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