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Wukong Prime The Complete Package

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Before being reworked, this Warframe didn’t really catch my attention. But when Digital Extremes announced a rework and a primed version of him, I thought about giving him. As it turns out, Wukong Prime has really helped me out a great deal – especially through Survival Missions. So how good is the rework?

Wukong Prime’s ability to replicate himself and use the weapons you have equipped is like having another player with you. Even better, the Celestial Twin weapons use the modded stats and not just the base stats. And this even includes any Riven Mods you have applied on your weapons.

With the ability to summon a twin, heal, invisibility, increase armor, and summon a powerful Exalted Staff – Wukong Prime is too hard to pass up. With the right Mods for the Warframe and to his Exalted Staff, you can smash through enemies with very high critical damage!

Wukong Prime is virtually unkillable if you know how to use his abilities at the right time. His Cloud Walker ability makes you invisible, let’s you fly, and even heal while you move. This is good when you are surrounded by enemies to give you room to breathe and think of your next move. Wukong’s third ability Defy makes him invulnerable and absorbs incoming damage increasing his armor up to the max.

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These abilities also affect his Celestial Twin, making both you extremely durable in dangerous situations. Combined with his Primal Fury exalted staff will allow you to get through longer Survival Missions. I was able to get through a 90-minute Void Survival with Wukong Prime.

Wukong Prime Death Is Not An Option

Wukong also has three different passive abilities which make him invulnerable, invisible, and increases his elemental damage. Being hit by fatal attacks can be a hazard especially when you are in the middle of a fight with lots of enemies. His passive abilities activate right after a fatal attack and can allow you to survive for a longer run.

My strategy with Wukong is to first activate Celestial Twin and then use my Operator’s Energizing Dash to regenerate more energy. Then I jump into the fray, using the thrid ability to absorb damage and activate Primal Fury to mow down the enemies. If ever I get low on health, I can activate the second Ability and disengage from the fight to replenish my health before jumping back in.

Since being reworked, I’ve used Wukong for almost all my missions. His durability remarkable and his offensive capabilities allow him to hit like a truck. Having a high damage Warframe in the squad gives a much better chance of a successful mission. And since the Wukong Prime kit is very easy to work with, he’s a great Warframe for beginners.

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