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Modding Volt The OG Speedster

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Volt, the speedster isn’t just about modding him for his speed ability. For each of the basic types of Mods that exist in the game, Volt has a way to embrace them for various builds and strategies. In basic sprinting, Volt isn’t the fastest with his base speed but his Speed ability makes him and nearby allies into speedsters. For this build, I won’t talk much about his first Ability coz’ it’s not that important.

Some planets on the start chart have huge maps like Corpus’ Jupiter. Missions such as Void Relics runs are better run multiple times. Missions like Exterminate, Capture, or Rescue are optional if you want to open your Relics in public games. The faster you clear missions, the more you can do and you are helping others save time as well.

Volt can be built as a simple Speed type that focuses on his second ability. If you love using melee attacks, this ability can also boost your melee attack speed. So if you’re looking for a superfast hack-and-slash Warframe, then this is the build for you. But Volt’s kit isn’t just about running and completing Missions faster but also figuring out what more you can do with it.

Volt also can be built into a crowd-control Warframe with this fourth ability Discharge. This ability has the potential to clear a massive wave of enemies and is perfect for Defense missions that force enemies to gather towards one spot. Moreover, Discharge also paralyzes enemies within range and it even affects them through walls.

His Shield blocks ranged attacks but more than that it also enhances your teams ranged weapon damage through the shield. This is both defensively and offensively useful especially in the late game content like Eidolon Hunting. This is also good for the Corrosive damage types as it boosts both Electricity and Critical damage.

How to Mod Volt

warframe volt mods how to

Speed build is affected by Duration mods, Ability Strength mods, Range mods, Efficiency mods, and Sprint Speed mods. The ability is primarily boosted with Ability Strength mods but mods that also increase Sprint Speed can help in an overall boost. Range mods increase the area of effect allowing you to boost the speeds of allies within range as well. Whereas Duration and Efficiency mods speak for themselves.

The crowd-control build is affected by mods such as Ability Strength, Duration, Range, and Efficiency. This build works amazing;y well with increased Range as his abilities can go through walls and obstacles. Duration lengthens the time that enemies are paralyzed making them extremely vulnerable.

His Shield ability relies solely on Duration and Efficiency. Longer durations give you much-needed protection for hacking and other time-consuming situations. Plus when your team shoots through the shields your weapons gain bonus Electricity damage, although this doesn’t affect thrown weapons.

Volt Build To Get You Started

Volt is much more of an end-game Warframe but is good for faster roaming and mobility. You can explore areas such as Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis faster and further if you still don’t have Archwings. When I do low to mid-level missions such as Exterminate, Capture, and Rescue I always use Volt to save time.

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