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Rhino The Warframe That Lasts

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After selecting your starting Warframe and going through some missions, your next goal should be getting Rhino. Rhino is the best starting Warframe after Excalibur because of how beefy and versatile he is. The question now is, how to mod Rhino? He can become immune to any damage, can buff himself defensively and offensively, and he has good crowd control capabilities.

The Rhino Charge

Rhino’s Charge damage can be increased by using Mods that boost Ability Strength. But it’s important to take note that the charge speed isn’t affected by speed or Ability Duration Mods. Ability Range Mods can increase the charge distance and the impact radius of this skill. Also by adding Ability Efficiency Mods, you can decrease the energy drain. Plus, you can even activate this skill while airborne.

Rhino Tank-tics

Iron skin’s effectivity is increased with the base health and base armor by Armor Mods and Ability Strength Mods. You are also invulnerable from any incoming damage for a few seconds after casting this ability.

Roar Damage

Roar’s effectiveness is increased by Ability Strength Mods, Duration Mods, and Range Mods. Ability strength Mods increase skill power, which means that the higher the ability strength the higher the damage you deal while this buff is active. Duration and Range Mods are pretty much self-explanatory.

Stomp the Yard

The damage of this ability is increased by Ability Strength Mods. Enemies are put into stasis longer depending on the amount of Ability Duration. The Stomp force’s range is affected by the amount of Ability Range Mods. This ability also deals Blast damage to the enemies affected and then puts them into stasis.

Rhino The Warframe That Lasts 1
All-around Rhino build for all missions.

The screenshot is an example of how to mod rhino. Note that if you only have flawed Mods, it’s okay to use them while you progress through the game and are able to get standard Mods. I recommend investing time into Energy Siphon for some energy regeneration but it’s okay if you don’t have it and your if your rhino is not yet polarized. Using mods that aren’t maxed yet is okay too.

Modding This Beefy Boi

The Mods are pretty easy to get, even in the early missions of Warframe. And as I explained earlier Duration, Ability Strength, Range, Armor, and Health are the type of mods you need to make a durable all-around build. Generally speaking, not getting in the way of other players is better than trying to outdo them. That’s why as a beginner, you should focus on your survivability while doing missions with other players, especially if it seems like they’re farming.

All four abilities are very useful if you’ve just started playing Warframe. There are also ability synergies like If your iron skin is active, Rhino charge will also deal blast damage. On top of that, it deals an extra 100% damage to enemies affected by Rhino Stomp but breaks the stasis effect.

I always run with this Warframe in Survival and Exterminate missions so that I can last to the end. Sometimes I use him on Mobile Defense missions and use his Stomp when enemies are near the terminals. Now that I’m more into the end-game content, I use Rhino for Eidolon hunting missions to buff the team’s overall damage and survive with Iron Skin.

One of the best things about this Warframe is that it can be partnered with practically any weapon. But one recommendation is the Hek shotgun that can be purchased early at just Mastery Rank 4.

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