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The Wrath of Ignis Wraith

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Ignis Wraith is a popular and powerful variant of the Ignis in Warframe and it’s known for its high output damage that can clear mobs easily up to LVL 80 with its decent area of effect damage. For its looks, it has a nice red wraith finish but it still looks like the regular Ignis without it.


Ignis Wraith was a blueprint reward for a few numbers of clans that participated in the Operation: The Pacifism Defect Event. And if you’re not in a clan or you still haven’t played Warframe for that time. There are a few people who are part of these clans that sold the blueprint for a small amount of Platinum and there are those who freely gave it away through trading. But lately, the crafted gun can now be potentially bought from Baro Ki’Teer for 250,000 Credits and 550 Ducats and the blueprint itself is available for only 15,000 credits for a number of clan dojos.

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What is unique about the Ignis Wraith?

This Variant of the Ignis is more improved with its Very high-status chance, good critical chance, good critical multiplier, and bigger magazine size. It can also control crowds well with its punch through damage. Can clear trash mobs immediately with the right installed mods. Short reload time means you can spew whatever element that you put in it. You don’t need to be stressed if you have a bad aim since all you have to do is point it towards an enemy and the rest is history.

It’s also one of the few guns that gets more efficient when enemies started to spawn in groups. Against single targets, it doesn’t usually take too much ammo to kill since it frequently procs status and critical damage as well. But because it’s an Area of Effect weapon, it can melt an entire squad in a second with a single cost of ammo. It also goes well with frames that amplify weapon damage like Mirage, Banshee, etc.

The downside of Ignis wraith is that you have to hold the flame on your targets and it somehow feels like a close-range weapon (or it is). While using it you might need some kind of protection or crowd control while using it since you’ll be exposed to heavy fire while using this. Also, its inbuilt Punch Through does not apply to surfaces so you have to install a punch through mod.

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The Right Choice

Overall, Ignis Wraith is a very good AOE weapon. Nothing could go wrong with this awesome weapon, it’s one of the easiest and enjoyable weapons to use. Comparing it to your regular Ignis, the wraith variant is only a little better on most stats, but it’s also better on pretty much every stat. Finally, yes! It can be used to clear out high-level enemies. But keep in mind, it will always depend on your build.

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