warframe ignis wraith build guide

Modding Ignis Wraith The Soul Burning Weapon

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Ignis Wraith is one of the AOE weapons in Warframe and is available as early as Mastery Rank 9. The blueprint is rewarded to Clans from a specific event and some clans are giving it for free, so you don’t have to buy it with Platinum. Another way of getting is by asking through Trade chat or getting it from Baro Ki’teer.

If you’re a new player, then it’s a good idea to rush to MR9 so you can pick this up. Ignis Wraith is a beast when it comes to killing multiple enemies. It’s reloading time is a quick 1 second, consumes 0.5 ammo per beam and has 200 ammo per magazine. This weapon is especially good for beginners in clearing Missions runs faster.

Modding Ignis Wraith

Ignis is a Beam type weapon, with a Wraith version that has better overall stats. The downside is its low critical chance but that doesn’t matter with this weapon. You will still do yellow to orange critical damage with just the Point Strike mod.

Its beam attack is 27 meters long, has a thickness of 0.15, and a blast radius of 3 meters at its peak. This is why Ignis Wraith is really a good AoE beam weapon because of its weapon attack coverage. Many mods will improve the weapon’s beam style such as Sinister Reach for range and Firestorm for more blast radius.

The weapon has built-in Heat damage because the weapon is a flamethrower after all. Elemental combinations are easily built by just putting one additional Elemental mod. Blast is a combination of Heat + Cold, Gas is from Heat + Toxin, and Radiation is Heat + Electricity. It’s important to know what kind of enemies you will be facing so you can select what kind of element is best suited against them.

warframe ignis wraith mod build
My example build of Ignis Wraith in Corrosive damage with the weapon’s built-in Heat element.

Ignis Wraith Early to Mid-game Build

The photo above is a 5-time polarized Ignis Wraith. You can still achieve 2 elements which are composed of a combined element and a single element. What’s awesome is that each element can proc together for more devastating status stacks on enemies. I personally don’t use Range, Blast Range, and weapon Punch Through because it’s already got very good base stats.

The idea for beam weapons is not putting too many Multi-shot mods and just focus on pumping up the damage. So I just put one Multi-shot mod like the Split chamber for 90% Multi-shot. Reducing the Ignis Wraith’s accuracy doesn’t have much negative effect so it’s a good choice to put Heavy Caliber.

You can mod this weapon to your play style by modifying the weapon’s attack coverage. But basically, Ignis Wraith only needs to have more damage and power. As soon as I hit MR 9, I got my hands on Ignis Wraith and is one of my favorite primary weapons even at end-game. I use a Warframe such as Mirage for even more damage buffs for this weapon.

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