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Ignis Wraith: Turn On The Ignition

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The Wraith version of the Ignis offers a high chance and critical damage as well as a better status chance than its wraith variant and of course with a little bit improvement in the magazine as well. To know the weapon better, I actually made a review of this weapon.

The key for the best builds is actually knowing the strong point of the weapon itself. As I mentioned earlier, ignis wraith’s strong point is a high chance, critical damage, and status chance. But keep in mind that this weapon has no Puncture, Slash, or Impact damage.

Guide To Making The Best Flamethrower

But first, we should put one of the most essential mods for any rifles in the game, Serration. Serration can amplify your damage up to +165% if the mod is maxed out, which is one of the key mods for our build.

warframe ignis wraith guide serration

Serration Acquisition:

The Spy missions at Earth (Cambria), Venus (Unda), and Mercury (Suisei) all have Serration and Hornet Strike in their C rewards with a decent chance (9%). Practice one of them a bit and you’ll easily be able to get all three data extractions (that’s how you get a spy C reward), no matter what gear you have. (via Reddit)

Crit Or Nothing

Now, let’s focus on its critical stats. There are limited critical mods for the rifle in-game. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard to obtain. The first critical mod that we’re going to put is Point Strike. Point Strike Adds +150% Critical Chance if the mod is maxed out increasing the base critical chance stat from 17.0% to 42.5% which is a solid increase.

warframe ignis wraith guide point strike

Point Strike Acquisition:

Can be dropped by specific enemies and can be also obtained via Cetus as a reward for bounties. Also, can be found on defense missions and Orokin Tower Containers.

Next up, Critical damage. Critical damage can increase your critical damage by huge numbers. We’re going to use the mod Vital Sense which will help us increase the base critical damage stat from 2.5x up to 5.5x if the mod is maxed out.

warframe ignis wraith guide vital sense

Vital Sense Acquisition:

Can be dropped by specific enemies and can be obtained through missions like Tier 2 survival, excavation missions, and Tier 2 – 3 Defense missions. Can also be dropped on salvage missions.

Building Status

Increasing our status chance is one of the main priorities for this build. And for that, we’re going to use the mod Rifle Aptitude. This mod increases the weapons’ base status chance of from 29.0% up to 55.1%. This will easily inflict Heat Damage to any foes that got caught in your firing range.

warframe ignis wraith guide rifle aptitude

Rifle Aptitude Acquisition:

This mod is a bit hard to obtain compared to other mods that have been mentioned in this guide. It can only be dropped by a small number of enemies and can also be acquired in Orokin Tower Containers

Other Essential Mods:

Next up is Hellfire. Hellfire will add a decent amount of heat stat on the weapon increasing the base stat from 35.0 up to 66.5 if maxed out.

warframe ignis wraith guide hellfire

Hellfire Acquisition:

Can be acquired through defense missions and enemy drops. Though dropped infrequently, it can be obtained as a reward from Dark Sector defense missions. Can be also methodically farmed on the Kuva Fortress.

Thermite Round. This mod can is essential as it can increase two of your stats for a small amount of cost. If maxed out, this will increase your Heat and Status Chance by 60%.

warframe ignis wraith guide thermite rounds

Thermite round acquisition:

Can be acquired through Kuva spy missions and Baro Ki’teer.

The Final Build

There are mods that are similar or better than the mods that have been mentioned in this guide. But in my opinion, these mods can help you understand the weapon better as you progress through the game.

warframe ignis wraith guide no forma build
No Forma, with Orokin Catalyst installed.

Getting yourself an Ignis Wraith nowadays is easy because some clans offer the blueprints for free or a small amount of platinum. Once you’ve got your hands on this bad boy, you won’t get enough of it. And it’s satisfying to see your enemies burn to a crisp with this cool flamethrower.

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