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Hek Shotgun: Complete the Star Chart

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The Hek is one of the earliest shotguns you can get in Warframe. Since it only requires Mastery Rank 4 to purchase the blueprints on the market, you should be able to get it in no time. Just make sure to Rank up the starter frame and any weapons you encounter along the way. You’ll easily get to MR4 with just about enough credits for the blueprint purchase as well.

Now even though it seems like a low-level weapon at only MR4, it can take you all the way across the Origin System and clear out the entire map. The reason behind this is its tight spread and ridiculous damage output.

Hek Full of Raw Power

For all the praises I give to the Hek, it’s not without its drawbacks. With only 4 shots per magazine and a lengthy reload time, I’ve experienced getting into dicey situations. The trick is pairing this shotgun with a good Warframe, and at the early stages, there’s none better than Rhino. As a tank and crowd controller, he picks up on the Hek’s weaknesses and together you become a force to be reckoned with.

warframe hek shotgun base stats

Now looking at the base stats of the Hek it’s easy to feel kind of underwhelmed. Obviously, you are not going to build it as a critical or status type weapon. In fact, what you simply need to focus on is pure damage. This is achieved by slapping on as many damage mods you can, this includes the elemental mods that you will probably get a ton of early on.

Yes, we are not going for status but the elemental mods are so easy to come by. Plus, they increase the overall damage output of your weapon while adding some potential status procs as well. Personally, I go for Viral (Cold and Toxin) since it amplifies the damage directly to health then add Incidiery for some extra oompf and that useful Heat DoT.

Point Blank is a no-brainer, basically, all shotguns need this. But the true power of the Hek is revealed when you start picking up the multishot mods.

The Key to Justice

As mentioned, the Hek has a tight spread or a narrower cone of damage compared to other shotguns of its level. Multishot effectively increases the number of pellets per shot and coupled with the tight spread it means that more pellets will actually hit its mark, resulting in massive damage to your target.

warframe hek basic mods build guide

Hell’s Chamber and Vigilante Armaments are relatively easy to get, that is if you don’t have them already. But by then you’d already have access to the missions that potentially drop the mods, so it’s just a matter of grinding for it. Once you have those two, you just need to spend a Forma to Polarize a Madurai slot and you’ll easily hit 10k damage mark.

But the key to everything it the Scattered Justice Mod that can only be obtained from the Steel Meridian at rank Protector. This essentially means at your starting levels you’ll need to buy it from another player for Platinum, otherwise if you’re lucky to have a good friend willing to give it to you. With all three Mods, the Hek will have a total Multishot rating of 33.6! That’s 33.6 more pellets, each with their own damage, critical, and status modifiers!

warframe hek basic mods build guide

The next mods you’ll want to get are the 60/60 mods that you can get from Nightmare missions. For my build, I go with Blaze for the raw damage boost and Chilling Reload to lower that hefty reload time just a little bit. Once you get these, the Hek will cross the 20k damage mark even with just one Forma Polarization. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Of course, these aren’t the end game builds yet, for that it’d be better to get the more advanced Vaykor Hek variant. But even so, make sure to grab this shotgun as soon as you can, it will carry you through all the way to double-digit Master Ranks. Let me know what’s your preferred build, or what your endgame Hek looks like in the comments below.

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