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Excalibur: Press 4 & Spam E to Slash’Em All!

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From the 3 Warframes, you get to choose in the beginning, the one who is the best overall in terms of usability throughout the game is up for debate. But undoubtedly, the easiest to play right from the start is Excalibur. He’s equipped with a skill that lets him dash between one enemy to another, blind them to take more damage, impale them to the wall, and his fabulous exalted weapon that slashes opponents with light.

Excalibur is definitely my choice of starting Warframe. His stats are decent and balanced compared to Mag and Volt and he’s a beginner-friendly Warframe. If you’ve picked one of the other Warframes – don’t worry – Excalibur’s parts can be farmed from the boss on Mars. He’s modded in two ways: Warframe and Exalted sword.

Modding The Excalibur Warframe

In this example, I just wanted to show you how to mod Excalibur if you’re just starting out. Also, if you still have the flawed version of these mods, that’s actually okay to use until you’re able to get better mods. Finally, if you don’t have Aura Mods yet wither he’s still easy to run with, but I recommend Energy Siphon for more energy regeneration.


Ability Efficiency Mods

Casting skills cost energy especially with his fourth ability Exalted Blade that drains energy the long her uses it. Putting some efficiency mods like Streamline reduces the casting cost and energy drain per second of the Exalted Blade. Efficiency mods also reduce the casting cost of the other three abilities.

Ability Strength Mods

Being able to do more damage is everyone’s goal in any Warframe or weapon. For a beginner’s set up, I recommend the Intensify mod. Ability strength mods increase all of Excalibur’s ability damage. The only ability that doesn’t get affected by these types of mods is his second. Radial Blind only blinds enemies and makes them open for finishing move kills.

Ability Range Mods

These types of mods increase the range of Excalibur’s abilities except Exalted Blade. Because the range of thrown energy from his exalted weapon is fixed and cannot be modified. Being able to blind multiple enemies in a wide range is very handy for your survivability. His third ability will also benefit from a better range.

Ability Duration Mods

Duration mods increase the Blind duration for affected enemies which is incredibly useful when you’re overwhelmed. Duration also decreases the energy drain for his Exalted Blade so in combination with like Streamline can increase its overall Efficiency.

Steel Fiber for more armor, Vitality for more health, and Redirection for more shields are self-explanatory but are crucial for survivability. By being versatile in putting the right mods, you are more capable to do synergize abilities. Also, you can maximize Excalibur’s ability to crowd control enemies and kill more of them.

Blind To Deal More Damage

When enemies are blinded by Excalibur’s second ability, they take more damage and are open to melee finishers or stealth finishing moves. My strategy when I use Excalibur is first, I activate his 4th ability, get near to enemies, Blind them, and then kill them. If there are multiple enemies, the extra duration of the Blind ability really comes in handy.

warframe excalibur abilities mods

Modding The Exalted Blade

A beginner’s build for The Exalted Blade is just maximizing the weapon’s damage. I run this with Corrosive damage which reduces the armor of affected enemies. Corrosive status is composed of Electricity and Toxic damage mods. So to get Corrosive damage you’ll need Shocking Touch and Fever Strike which are both relatively easy to get.

From my experience, Excalibur outshines the other 2 starting Warframes and more enjoyable if you like to hack and slash enemies. Even to the late game, players still call Excalibur and overpowered Warframe. And even with this beginner set up, it still does good damage to get you through the game.

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