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Chroma the Infamous Greedy Dragon

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Chroma has a pretty glaring design flaw. But, don’t get me wrong. Chroma is still a good Warframe and one of the better tanks. But because he’s not as good as he used to be, people are calling him bad and unusable. That is not true at all. He’s still good – just not as good as he used to and for different things. Now he’s being considered as a support as he can buff all allies’ armor.

Spectral scream does nothing really except looking kinda cool and Effigy is good only on low to mid defense/survival missions and then becomes useless later on higher levels. It feels like his Spectral Scream should have scaling damage.

His Effigy honestly feels like the whole shedding skin does not match the dragon theme at all – have you ever heard of a dragon shedding its skin in combat? I don’t think to make Chroma a team buff Warframe was a good idea, it just doesn’t fit in with the theme of a chromatic dragon who is notoriously selfish and greedy.

warframe chroma fashion frame
Chroma Prime Fashion Frame by DrNoobz on Steam Community

Make Chroma Good Again

Honestly, it just feels like he didn’t need a rework in my opinion, maybe a touch-up on Spectral Scream and Effigy and not a full-blown rework. But most of the community agreed that Spectral Scream needs to be a completely new ability because it just ruins the gameplay.

And Effigy just needs a little bit of buff, cause the raw energy cost is too high to manage as a tool. If Effigy would be on a timer or just the cost would be changed, this wouldn’t even be all that bad for low-level farming. But doing that would support inactive gameplay.

Making Chroma into a sub-par support frame doesn’t make up for a relatively weak kit. I think Chroma should go back to a solo frame with strengthened Vex and his Elemental Ward buffed. I’d like to see Effigy get some massive buffs someday

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