valorant vs csgo gameplay review

Valorant vs CSGO: The Same But Not Quite

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The Gameplay

Valorant has been out of the closed beta for a month now and its player base just started to build up. Valorant’s uniqueness came from its creative gameplay which made it a very fun and interesting game to play. It’s a little bit hard to pick up for the first few games, it gets easier as you go on, the more games you play the better you get. But overall, it has very smooth gunplay and gameplay. The game’s skill ceiling is low comparing it to other FPS games like CSGO. The gun recoil is not that very hard to control and you can master it after a few games. But what makes Valorant’s gameplay unique is its slow-paced gameplay.

Valorant’s main mode is similar to CSGO which is attacking or defending a bombsite. Players must be mindful of their footsteps as it can be heard by the opposing enemies as you push through the site and players must also stand still most of the time in a position or corner to hold a key angle to prevent the enemies for pushing or punishing them for not checking the important angles and their surroundings.

Comparing it to CSGO, CS punishes you for making mistakes way harder in the movement department. In Valorant Its pretty easy to run and shoot then stop to get your spray back on target. In CS the second you run and shoot you have to stop shooting and try again because no matter what, the recoil is all over the place.

The Agents

Now the agents (characters), Some of Valorant’s starter agents are simple, straightforward, and easy to learn. Each agent has a set of unique skills and each of them has a role that has broken down into four categories; Controllers (Secondary Entry Fragger and Lurker), Initiators (Information Gatherer), Sentinels (Support) and Duelists (Entry Fragger). Now, what makes it unique from other Hero shooters is that in Valorant, players buy weapons at the beginning of each match, whereas, in Overwatch or Paladins, weapons are already unique to each character.

valorant vs csgo omen agents

Valorant vs CSGO?

Some people came to agree that Valorant’s skill ceiling is probably lower than CSGO but it might be a little too early to tell where the skill ceiling is. To be honest you can’t expect the best current players after 2 months of playing the game to be the absolute best in Valorant. And right now, comparing it to the tournaments of its competitors, there is no team there just yet. Just a bunch of guys playing individually in their own homes and with comms. This isn’t esports level yet. Not even close.

Comparing it to CS that has been around for like 20 years. Where its huge community has been there for such a long time. People also have to understand that this game just came out, and knowing Riot I think any changes we really want to see and push for in the game, we will get it eventually. They aren’t going to let this game die through making it to simple. I think people should just give it some time.

When you think about it, Riot almost naturally made an easier version of CSGO. League of legends was made as an easier version of Dota and was meant to reach out to more players. Therefore, it became really successful and it has built a superb community. Riot is clearly going for the same concept except applying it to Valorant. They want to recreate an incredibly popular game to be easier and with their own twist.

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