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Stardew Valley Beginner Tips: Farming The Right Way

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Starting in Stardew Valley for the first time, or in the farming genre is a bit difficult and some beginner tips are useful. Even though at first, it feels like you got the hang of it and it’s kind of looks like a simple game where you just have to manage some crops or farm animals. But, Stardew Valley has a lot more to offer with its little secrets hidden in this game and it’s somehow going to be a bit overwhelming later on. But, we’re here to provide some tips to help you get started.

Choose The Standard Farm

There are multiple farm types in the game, each of them has a different layout and interesting quirks. But as a beginner, the best option is the standard farm. Why? To be honest this farm is a bit boring and simple. But it does its job as a hassle-free farm. Comparing this to other farm layouts. This is less complicated and you don’t have to stress about making mistakes when placing your farm buildings.

To Keep Or Not To Keep

At first, you got some items that you’re absolutely clueless about, you don’t know if it has any value or it’s just your regular trash In-game. Our advice is, you should hold onto most items rather than selling them or throwing them out. For example, the tree sap. The tree sap can be gained by cutting trees and you can gain a lot of it in the early game as you clean out your farm. Well, it turns out that you can turn it into a fertilizer which will help you raise the quality of your crops in the game. That goes for foraged items as well as it can give you a bit of cash along the way.

stardew valley beginner tips guide

Cleaning Your Farm First

Cleaning your farm is crucial when building and planning. It will make things easier to decide the placement and layout. It will also help you store a lot of basic materials like wood and stone. But be mindful when cutting grass early in the game as it converts into hay when you have a silo.

Beginner Tips on Fishing

Yes, fishing is so hard in the early game and its mini-game mechanics is bad. But it’s a great source of money early in the game. And once you got the hang out it, it tends to get easy and it comes easier as you level up your fishing skills.

Socializing With The Townspeople

Non-player characters tend to give you gifts like food or materials and sometimes a recipe for a new meal when you have enough hearts with them. So checking in whenever you can is an important beginner tip.

Check The TV Every Day

Some channels are quite interesting and helpful. For example, the Food Channel gives you different recipes every week. You can also check the Weather for the next coming day so you can plan out your day ahead.

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The Community Center

Completing the community center, or at least some parts of it in the early game is incredibly helpful. It seriously helps you in being smoother and more efficient later on as you make progress into the game.

Final Beginner Tip: Play At Your Own Pace

Explore the vast world of Stardew Valley and have fun. Sure, there are a lot of mysteries and things to try out in this game but try it out rather than looking it up as it adds a lot of longevity to the game. there’s no punishment for taking your time and there’s no time limit or whatsoever. As you play through the game, you’ll figure a lot of stuff out yourself. So in the end, the best beginner tip is to play at your own pace.

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  1. Irene H. Wilson

    Where can I obtain a set of instructions for Stardew Valley 1.5.4. I do not know simple things like how long are the seasons, when to harvest, seed and then what to sell and what to store. Can I still plant in the fall and if so what. What do I do in winter? How do I store food for myself and how do I prepare it? I have been asked to bring food for a potluck, how do I do that? In other words I would like a complete instruction booklet on the various functions that I can do.

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