QZSD Q555 Tripod, Budget-Friendly And Functional | Review

The QZSD Q555 Tripod Is Not Perfect But Bang-for-buck

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As a content creator, it’s challenging to get the perfect shot without something to help you stabilize your camera or mobile phone. That’s why a tripod is an indispensable tool in a content creator’s arsenal of equipment, but it can be daunting to pick one from the many different brands and models. From Benro, Yunteng, Zomei, and a bunch of other brands there is a huge selection of options ranging from the cheap plastics to the professional level alloys.

Now the first step would be to figure out the use-case of the tripod, so even before you start looking into the different options you have to know first how you’re going to use it. Do you need one for a facecam, video, flat-lay, and so on. Once you know what you need it for then you can start sifting through the different features.

Now there are a whole lot more features than one might think and then there are all the technicalities, but we’re not going to go into that. In this use-case, the tripod needed to be budget-friendly and be able to take flat-lay shots for calligraphy videography.

The QZSD Q555 Tripod

After sifting through all the options, there were two final choices on the table. The Zomei Z668 and the QZSD Q555. Both with the P3,000 budget, although the Zomei was a little bit more expensive. Otherwise, a lot of recommendations would generally lean towards the Zomei, but in the end, the QZSD won out for a very simple feature: the leg extension locks.

Where the Zomei Z668 has the grip-twist style locking mechanism for the leg extensions, the QZSD Q555 uses the standard flip-lock system that is prevalent in the majority of tripods. One can argue the quality and look of the grip-twist versus the flip-lock but in terms of simplicity and function, there’s a reason the flip-lock is used more often: it’s quick and simple to use.

qzsd q555 tripod review extension lock
Flip-lock leg extensions.

Magnesium Aluminum Alloy

Although it may seem like a very minor reason for choosing this tripod over the other, there are a number of other reasons that make the QZSD Q555 a great choice including the cheaper price tag. Even though it comes at an even P3,000 which is so far the cheapest of its class, it does not feel cheap once you hold it in your hands. In fact, it feels quite sturdy for something a fraction of the price of professional studio tripods.

The magnesium-aluminum alloy gives it a hefty weight and the plastic parts don’t feel cheap at all. It also has rubberized grips and feet, as well as a bubble level indicator on both the quick release plate and the side knob that allows you to check if the tripod is level even if the ball head is set to vertical. It just goes to show that there was a lot of thought that went into the design of the QZSD Q555 tripod.

qzsd q555 tripod review bubble level
Quick release plate with bubble level indicators.

Good But Not Perfect

Of course, eventually, there are some issues that come with the P3,000 price tag – you can only get so much after all. One of which is a complaint that the mounting column itself is a bit unstable and may not be a good choice for night photography or other slow shutter shots. This is probably because of the feature that allows the tripod to be converted into a monopod to allow for greater mobility.

Obviously this would, in turn, create a tradeoff in the locking mechanism of the mounting column how it fits in with the legs. In this case, though the grip-twist lock is used in favor of a knob screw that would have ben expected. It’s not so big of a trade-off if you’re not planning to do any slow shutter shots, or just be careful not to disturb the tripod when doing so.

Another problem is are the locks for the legs themselves. Although they actually feel sturdy, the locking mechanism does not give a sense of security since it’s neither spring-loaded nor does it have an actual locking mechanism. It’s just pulled to unlock then pushed to lock, leaving it very easy to forget to properly set it which might cause problems in the future if you’re in a hurry or absent-minded.

And finally, removing the column requires you to unscrew the bag hook at the bottom of the mounting column, which is not such a big deal but does add an extra step when you’re converting the tripod to its other functions.

qzsd q555 tripod review leg locks
Push-Pull leg locks feel unsecured.

The Transforming Tripod

This brings us to the pièce de résistance that makes this pretty good deal. Especially those who need to get flat-lay photos and videos. In this type of usage, stability in low-height is of paramount importance, and that is exactly where the QZSD Q555 tripod shines. Simply because the mounting column can be removed and installed in reverse.

In this way, the tripod can be set up on a table with the camera underneath rather than over the legs preventing accidental inclusion of the tripod in the framing itself. Of course, the Zomei can also do this without having to remove the column but by simply reversing the legs themselves. However, we have to go back to the first reason the QZSD stands above the Zomei: the flip-lock leg extensions. Plus the cheaper price tag – even though converting it into an under leg tripod does come with extra steps.

qzsd q555 tripod review bottom mount
Bottom mounted form factor.

On top of that, you can also remove one of the legs and combine it with the mounting column to transform it this time into a monopod instead. This gives you a whole lot of versatility in how you can use the QZSD Q555 tripod, and to think that all of this comes in a small folded package complete with a pretty nice looking drawstring carrying bag.

In fact, take a look at all possible uses in this video:

Solid Tripod For Getting Started

All in all, the QZSD Q555 tripod is enough to get you started in content creation and has a versatility that will let you run wild with your creativity in photography and videography. The best thing is that it comes in a very affordable package, but still has a build that should last for quite some time.

So unless you’re running a full-size professional studio or production service, then the QZSD Q555 tripod is the one for you. You can purchase the tripod from Camera Commons PH and definitely check out all the other equipment they have to offer at affordable pricing!

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