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My Time At Portia: One Glorious Mashup

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My time at Portia is one of its kind due to its unique charming and mysterious post-apocalyptic world setting. It’s a warm and inviting game that has an Immense quantity and variety of activities with a blend of management, sandbox and open-world action RPG in equal parts, offering an exciting new kind of gameplay. You can do anything from farming, mining, fishing, cooking, expanding the world, doing side quests, getting married, live in a world where you build and contribute to society.

Character Creation

Let’s head to the character creation first. It was not that charming at first, it seems so basic at first glance. But as you go through the options, there are more sliders than expected to allow me to customize my character as I wanted. Although there are not many hairstyles in-game. But overall, the character creation is somehow satisfying.

my time at portia game character creation review

The Game Story

The back story is a bit cliché and not that appealing at the beginning, you inherited a property from your father or grandfather and it’s kind of similar to every farm game out there. But wait, instead of becoming heir to a farm you’re getting a workshop. But yes, somehow the farming thing is included, but instead of becoming the best farmer. You’re striving to become the top builder in town despite having rivals in the area. And there is more to the story as you take on a lot of quests and commissions as progress deeper in the game.

my time at portia game story review

Crafting and Farming

My Time at Portia focuses on crafting and gathering materials for the most part. Constructing big items then placing it yourself in the game is rewarding and watching the world grow around you makes it feel like your work is important. Gathering materials is fun but quite repetitive in the early game as you cut trees and mine some rocks for the materials that you need to build an item in your workshop. As you progress you need to upgrade your equipment as you unlock and need far more rare resources that can be found scattered around the map. Farming is surprisingly not that rewarding in this game but it’s not useless as it can be used in cooking and a bit of crafting.

my time at portia game crafting review

Character Interactions

The NPC and social system are more detailed and involved than what I’ve seen in most games like Stardew Valley and Harvest moon. Aside from basic interactions like gifting and talking, you can also go on play dates where you can set the location with NPCs and choose activities to do. Some of these are in the form of mini-games which I still find to be one of its most fun features. Also, one of the clever things about the relationship tree is where if you gain a heart with one NPC, your relationships with linked NPCs (e.g. family members or friends) would also improve.

my time at portia game npc characters review

Combat System and In-Game Items

It also has a hack and slash combat system with dungeons and bosses. There is a variety of enemies and monsters in different dungeons or fields and you can also fight the NPCs in the form of friendly sparring. To be honest combat in this game is not that difficult. But I think it’s not supposed to be. It’s a very laid back and relaxing game. The game also has a variety of weapons and clothing, each of them has different stats and you’ll get better ones as you get deeper into the game. It has an RPG-style point system where every time you level up you invest in skills under 3 trees depending on the play style that you prefer. It also offers you points to better suit your late game wants.

my time at portia game combat review

In terms of itemization, there is a huge quantity of items to collect, craft, restore, or win at events, with cosmetics or home furniture giving meaningful gameplay bonuses. There is also a thing called Ruin-diving and it’s one of the unique activities in this game. Where you’re going to be drilling to find relics and mine for ores at the same time.


Overall, the game is stunning. Great art direction, using colorful, somewhat cartoonish, but also very detailed graphics to portray the world and its characters. It is greatly written because of its quite interesting storyline and how its events unfold. The characters or NPCs are not that interesting but they’re fun to interact with. Lastly, the concept and gameplay of My Time at Portia are one of a kind in its genre because your efforts affect the world around you in terms of new interactions with the NPCs, unlocking new buildings and areas, and much more.

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