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CKAN The Only Mod You’ll Need for Kerbal Space Program

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Mods add spice and flavor to an already delicious game and this one is the holy grail of all Kerbal Space Program mods. The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network or CKAN, for short, is the only mod you will ever need for Kerbal Space Program. It’s powerful features and ease of use will allow you to modify Kerbal Space Program to your heart’s content without causing you to crash your game or even your precious computer.

Easy Install and Use

Are you tired of manually installing your Kerbal Space Program mods? Have you messed up and installed stuff that contradicts each other thus causing you to crash over and over again? Worry no more for CKAN is here! Installing CKAN is as simple as downloading from the CKAN Github site and running the file.

CKAN is a mod manager program that can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux and it can install, update, and uninstall mods all while checking the data to make sure that it’s compatible with your version of Kerbal Space Program and the other mods you will install alongside it. When I first tried my hand at modding it was such a chore looking for the mods and installing it, but with CKAN my gaming experience became much more pleasant and hassle-free.

kerbal space program ckan mod review

One Mod, Tons of Options

With CKAN you no longer have to scour the internet looking for mods that may or may not work, just this one mod we get access to a ton of other mods that we can pick and choose to our liking. Do you want extra parts for FTL (faster-than-light) travel? Get the Interstellar Mod or do you have a monster PC that can handle high def graphics? Then get the Realism Mod Packs. Anything you want to happen CKAN most probably has the mod there for you.

Give CKAN a try and enjoy what all the mods you can get from it can offer. You no longer have to fear to break your game or your PC and with the many options at hand, you are sure to be able to make Kerbal Space Program a game that is truly your own.

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