Guest Posting Guidelines


The Napping Bear is a blog magazine website that caters to low-mid-range gamers and techies. Therefore posts will focus more on accessibility and “evergreen” content that aren’t time-sensitive. Although posting the latest news is alright from time to time, it’s unnecessary to compete with other established websites. I am currently looking to grow the posts archives, so I’m looking for people to guest post.

Author Bio

Guest authors will need to provide a pen name and a single paragraph bio with a maximum of 3-4 sentences. This may be used as a backlinking opportunity, but only one external link is allowed. The name does not have to be a personal name but should not be a business name, organization, or user handle.

Main Guidelines

At least 600 words are recommended, longer articles are better.

Content MUST BE ORIGINAL, article spinning is not accepted.

Keywords stuffing is unacceptable, content must focus on quality, creative writing, and flow naturally.

Using an informal conversational tone with the first-person narrative is encouraged.

Make sure to break up walls of text with sub-headings and/or images.

Any relevant media such as screenshots, images, videos, or illustrations must be your own or have explicit permission to use.

Include an alt-text with your targeted keywords along with captions for any media to be included.

Must include links to relevant topics or references. Must have a least one internal link to another published content or page on The Napping Bear website.

Backlink stuffing is not permitted. An average of one external link is permitted every 300 or so words.


Before I will accept submissions, please send an email with your proposal to After considering your proposal, a link to a submissions form will be sent to your email where you can upload your guest post content in MS Word Document (.docx) format.

The file name should follow this naming scheme: <Author Name> – <H1 Title>
Example: Leo Lozare – The QZSD Q555 Tripod Is Not Perfect But Bang-For-Buck.docx

Please use the template below or download the sample document for your reference. Please take note that while your content will be credited to your given author name, I may do minor editing using tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway App, and Rank Math.