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GTA V: The Two Sides of the Game

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First, let’s dive into the single-player/Main story mode that has a very interesting and fun storyline. The story is fairly strong, the character switching mechanic is genius, making money in the game is actually worth pursuing since there is so much stuff to buy. After a few updates, they’ve also added a whole lot of detail into the game and the option for the first-person view makes it feel like playing a whole different game.

After GTA Online’s disastrous release a few years ago, somehow Rockstar games have managed to survive and built its online community as we know of today across all platforms by constantly updating and adding new content to the game. Online is fun as well because you can play with your friends and do a lot of missions and fun activities together like heists, a variety of missions, PVP, and races for bike, land, and water. In terms of races, they’ve also added open-wheel cars with tire wear dedicated mode/races and stunt races. They’re also dedicated to bringing two huge content updates a year adding a lot of vehicles, missions, and side activities as well.

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Kudos to Rockstar games for constantly updating GTA V Online because they never gave up on it and they have put a lot of work on it in terms of contents. But it’s a whole different story for the single-player mode, which is a problem since players have been literally playing the same game for about 5 years now since the last time, they’ve updated it was way back in 2015. They’ve only added some new cars, guns, and a bit of clothing. And it feels like a minor update comparing it to the amount of content added to its online version. But because Rockstar Games have said that they’re going to release a DLC for GTA story mode and then went on to cancel it in earlier 2019 must have to upset story mode players a lot. They stopped caring about SP a long time ago and seem to even discourage online content use in it.

But there is one thing that has players intrigued which is the mods. The PC modding community somehow kept the game interesting by adding a lot of content to the game like adding a lot of minor details but has a huge impact in terms of immersion and gameplay. Also, you can find highly Detailed Vehicles, different character models and so much more. But that leaves console that forces its players to either play GTA online and pay a minimum of $10 for PS Plus or Xbox Live to play GTA online or move on to another game.

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GTA V Game Experience

In terms of GTA V Single Player, it’s fantastic and entertaining. Characters are badass, their stories, and how they all intertwine is epic, the gameplay is fun as hell. And it lived up to its name as one of the greatest games of the century. But for the online mode is just “wow” (sarcasm intended). They want you to grind and grind and then grind some more (or buy their shark cards). But I wouldn’t bother with grinding online if you’re playing solo because you’re just going to get destroyed by a flying motorcycle with heat-seeking missile all the time in a public lobby full of griefers, high-level players or modders that will kill you for no reason. Also, you have to deal with horrible online mode’s extremely long loading times which is pretty annoying. Cheating and modding is out of control with modders able to crash your game by the single click of a button. Performance seems to have gotten worse since the previous Casino DLC and prices for new vehicles are overpriced, even if their performance is horrible.

Lastly, online lobby/matchmaking is a joke. Matchmaking seems worse than ever since some players disconnect randomly in the middle of the mission making you go back to matchmaking queue or lobby to wait for other new players. Also, too many kids, cheaters, and modders messing everything up for everyone else. If you want to play online, get a group of your friends together and you’ll have a far better gameplay experience.

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