fall guys ultimate knockout gameplay review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Survival Of The Cutest

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout may look adorable, silly, simple to learn and it also looks like a children’s party game. Despite the childish vibe. This game allows hardcore or casual players to have fun with the rewarding charms of a battle royale.


Fall Guys’ funny-chaotic madness feels like a remake version of Mario Party but better. As you can play and compete with other 60 random players. Its stages are either fast or short (If you’re eliminated in the early stages you can stick around in spectator mode) and sometimes watching other player’s misery is more fun than playing the game itself. Stages seem repetitive but the silliness of it all keeps you hooked and will make you giggle every time. As each round tends to balance skill and luck very well. and even when you play the same ones, they’re still fun when different random things happen.

A couple of the teamwork rounds can be tricky (unless you’re in a party of friends or luckily with a good team). Some of the stages are easy or too hard. Sometimes Fall Guys is difficult to the point where it’s going to make you rage (raging at a children’s party game lol). However, the game manages to give you a good time, even if you suck or amazing at it. 

fall guys ultimate knockout gameplay stages


Fall Guys has 24 levels which are divided into four categories. 

  • Survival is where you have to survive and try to outlast your opponents on a variety of levels.
  • Racing is where you must race to the end. Sounds easy and it looks like that it can be done by just running forward. But, it’s not easy as it sounds due to the obstacles and objects (including the players) thrown your way.
  • Team-based mode basically split the players into teams of two or more. The highest-scoring team(s) will move on to the next stage.
  • Final Stages are the most challenging (rage-inducing) levels. and only one player can be crowned as a winner.
fall guys ultimate knockout gameplay outfits


Fall Guys’ character design looks simple but it’s colorful and cute in many ways. From the different set of costumes to colorful characters customizations option for your character is extremely extensive and allows a lot of different combination, you can be a fruit, a ninja, a fast-food meal, and much more. The majority of the cosmetics in the game are not locked behind a payment wall. Microtransactions are purely cosmetic and offer no bonuses to the players. There are a bunch of skins you can buy in the in-game store or grind out using the in-game currency that can be earned by just playing the game itself. And there are a ton of cosmetics to be earned through the free battle pass they give you as well.


Fall Guys is overall an astounding, chill, and fun game. The concept and creativity of the game is fresh to the community and everyone seemed to love it. Fall Guys can be enjoyed by kids, teens, or even a grown-sized adult. And this is one of the few games that have ever accomplished such a feat and for that alone, the developers deserve to be recognized. They even made the battle pass free for everyone for now. And the soundtrack hypes you up and fills you with an adrenaline rush.

fall guys ultimate knockout gameplay elimination

However, Fall Guys won’t last long if the developers keep focusing on releasing new skins and cosmetics instead of new content and improvements. It still has many flaws; it really needs to improve its anti-cheat system as I saw a bunch of hackers up to this day floating around the map. Some players suggested adding a Workshop map creator and add more stages. However, the developers promised to bring a new set of maps and contents as the new season 2 arrives.

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