The Idea

Like all passion projects, it all started with an idea. One thing I’ve always noticed in the gaming and tech industries is the low priority of budget users. The internet is full of information but coming from a non-first-world region, the term “budget” tends to be a bit different.

The Idea 1

This is where The Napping Bear was born, an idea to bring gaming and tech to the budget-minded consumer from a region where markups tend to border on ridiculous. This is where it began, an idea with a loose vision targeted more on budget consumerism.

The Napping Bear is my passion project to bring affordable news, reviews, guides, and more to the budget-conscious gamer and tech-lover. Because Gaming and Tech shouldn’t burn a hole through our wallet! 

It just so happened that the world changed dramatically in seemingly a blink of an eye. And with it, the idea began to shift. Many young professionals were left without jobs and the industries of the world started shifting towards the work from home setup.

But once again, people in a region that has limited connectivity and less than ideal economies were left in the dust. And so the idea birthed a new purpose:

To provide an avenue of expression for budget gamers, tech-lovers, and writers who are striving to make ends meet in a world that has been rocked to its core.

If only it were possible to hire everyone who lost jobs in the pandemic. But like all beginnings, the idea is a work in progress. There is a lot of learning, a lot of obstacles, a lot of failures, and a lot of work ahead. But it is an idea worth pursuing not just for the great content, but to give a little help to the struggling talents.

If you believe in this idea, then show your support by Liking, Following, and Sharing the content you find on The Napping Bear. A kind donation will also go a long way, which you can do by sending Stars on the Facebook Page, buying merch from the store, or sending directly to

If you would like to contribute to the content on this website, please join my Discord on and sending me a message.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Always play nice, keep it clean, and have fun!

The Idea 2
Leo “Lozaiah” Lozare
The Napping Bear